5 Ways To Increase Engagement In Your Online Course

Increase Engagement

The reason people are investing in your online course and spending their hard-earned money is to get results and make a change in their lives so if they’re not engaged, they’re not going to get the results they’re looking for and that leads to dissatisfies customers maybe even refund request, bad reviews.

However on the other side, if they do get the value that they seek from your course, then the upside for you is huge right not only do they become raving fans and customers for life, they’ll tell everyone they know about it that means repeat business, great reviews and tons of referrals. There are many ways to increase engagement in your online course that is:

Make the Videos Short and Sweet

We usually suggest about 2-7 minutes for lecture so if you have a really long one break it up into multiple smaller one sand this allows students to feel like they’re moving along faster than if you had like a giant one hour video.

Secondly, in today’s day and age, people just don’t have the attention span to sit through an entire one hour video so if you have liked two-to-seven minute length video then they can watch that maybe go take a short break, come back and watch the rest.

Add a Progress Bar in Your Course

Thinkific already has this automatically enabled inside your courses so if you create a course on Thinkific, every time a student finishes a lecture they see a little green checkmark which sort of just gives them a little motivation and lets them know they’ve completed one bit and they can they should be moving on to the next bit. It also gives them the overall completion percentage so it shows them how much they have already completed and how much you have left to complete and that makes it easier for them to just keep going on.

Add Regular Check Point

So you can set up a quiz in Thinkific at the end of every chapter and just make it really simple assessment to ensure that the students are actually learning and paying attention to what you’ve been talking about in your course so this could be as simple as asking them “Did you do the homework?” Yes or no.

It just kind of brings their attention back changes things up a bit and makes sure that they are actually paying attention to your course and again we knew when they get an answer right especially with an easy quiz, it gives them a little more motivation to keep going.

Create Regular Emails and Notifications

Students are going to finish your entire course in one sitting and I often notice, I do this myself but when I sign up for a new course I’m very motivated and enthusiastic about the course and I do a whole bunch of you know the first few chapters and then I run out of time for the day and I log out and then I don’t come back after that. So to bring students back after the first session you want to send them an email maybe a reminder, letting them know that you have completed x percent of the course and they only have so much more to go.

Build a Community

To build a community for your students and I’ve noticed many instructors creating their own private Facebook groups. You can create a discussion, you have a discussion feature so you can spark a discussion among students and keep them engaged by chatting with them or getting them to check with each other and help each other out. So those are the five ways to make sure your students are engaged throughout your course.


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