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Hi! My name is Michael Fitz. To empower people has always been my prime focus in life. However, I do not own a big company wherein I can hire potential people nor do I have any means to help them. The little that I can do is share my ideas and thoughts as to how one can earn a good amount of money from being at his/her place of comfort. Online feasibility not just allows you to earn but learn as well. As you go through my articles, you will know that I have shared numerous ways by which people can creatively occupy themselves and maintain productivity even when they are at their home. The internet is a big sea of opportunities and to grab them and turn them to your advantage is an art. Not many are well versed with this art, thus, I wish to educate people on this subject matter. I will cover topics such as online programs, eClasses, making money online, online learning, work from home, simple paid online surveys, home based business and any other legitimate ways of earning money online.

Having said that, you shouldn’t necessarily depend on just online ways to make money but continue with your full-time job as well. Online based work can be carried out as a side business or a past time activity. For those who believe that they can make it big in the online world can definitely take it up as a full-time work. However, the chances of success and failure of an online venture would vary from person to person. Should you read the articles on this website, you will be well informed as to how the digital (online) world functions.