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Content Management

I’m going to tell you some methods for managing your content as well as utilizing one of the built-in file sharing functions of Online Rooms. While you can upload and share content within an Online Room this isn’t the only way to share.

Content Area

If you have some content that you plan to use across multiple meetings (a PowerPoint, a video file, a PDF, etc.), you can upload it into the Content area. From here it will be accessible from within meetings under My Content. This can save you uploading file in every meeting that requires it. While the content area currently only allows the uploading of files that can be shared in a Share Pod (PowerPoint, PDFs, Mp3s, Mp4s, JPEGs, etc.), it is possible to upload content within a meeting and move it into the Content area.

Share Pod

You can upload content from within a meeting- either in the Share Pod (where you must stick to the specific ‘shareable’ file formats) or in the File Share Pod where you can upload any type of file. If you upload content from within a meeting is saved into the Uploaded Content area of that Meeting’s Meeting Information area. This area is accessible in the control panel by going to the Meetings tab and then navigating to the meeting. Here you will see an uploaded content tab that you can select.

Dropbox Link

In the Uploaded Content area, you will see all the files you have uploaded from within the meeting. If you select any of this content you will see that it contains the same sort of information as your meetings do and it has a URL for viewing. You can copy and send this URL to anyone to view or download. It works like a drop box link. There is more you can do with it too (like set permissions or run reports). For this, you need to move it over to your User Content area. To move this into your Content Area you need to return to the main Uploaded Content area, tick the box next to the files you wish to move and select Move to Folder.

This opens up to your My Content area. To Move them straight to here simply select Move. If you have folders already set up in here that you want to move these files to select the folder and then select Move. The content has now been moved into your User Content area (without breaking the link to the original meeting). To access it we need to select the Content tab and navigate to it. You can edit the file information, restrict access to registered accounts, and email a link (with an access receipt), download the original file, and upload content to replace it, or run reports on its use.


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