Dataset Management In XCMS Online

XCMS Online

Dataset management in XCMS Online is straight forwarding. Click “Stored Datasets” to go to the dataset management area. Under the top navigation bar you will find a row of buttons that allow you to add, duplicate, and delete datasets, plus create novel combinations of data using the “Tree View” utility. You can sort the table by ID or use the search box to locate specific datasets. To upload new data sets click the “Add Dataset” button. This will open a pop-up window. You select files by clicking the Browse button or by dragging files into the upload area. Once the upload has started you will see the progress indicator. Do not close the window before all the file uploads are complete or you will lose the data.

Generic Names

XCMS Online generates a generic name for your dataset with the current date. You can rename it in the upload window or on the Stored Datasets page after it has finished uploading. The uploader is written in HTML and looks different than the Java uploader. To change the default upload tool click “Account” in the top navigation bar and select “Global Settings” from the side panel. Find the tool of your choice in the drop-down menu under “Uploader Tech” and click “Save.” To edit an existing dataset, start by clicking on its name. Here you can rename the dataset, add files to it, or delete specific files. Clicking the “Add Files” button calls the uploader tool. Again, be sure not to close the window until the upload is finished. You can delete single files by clicking there “X” in the rightmost column or select many files via the check boxes in the leftmost column then clicking the “Delete File(s)” button.

Attach A Helpful Comment

In addition to adding, deleting, and renaming you can also attach a helpful comment to the dataset. This comment will be displayed in the table on the Stored Datasets page. Sometimes you might want to duplicate a dataset and make changes to it. To do this, simply check the box next to it and click “Duplicate Dataset(s).” Keep in mind you cannot duplicate datasets you do not own, nor can you duplicate data from a currently running job. Duplicated data will be identified with the comment that says “Cloned from Dataset” and the original ID number. If your needs are more complex than simple duplication, XCMS Online allows you to mix and match data from several existing sets with the “Tree View. “

Clicking the “Tree View” button brings you to a new page with a file explorer. Start by typing in an original name for this custom dataset then browse for the data you need. You can combine full datasets or individual files. Click the triangles to expand datasets as needed and check the boxes next to the data you want to include. XCMS Online users generally have plenty of storage to work with, but sometimes it is necessary to delete unneeded data. From the “Stored Dataset” page you can delete datasets checking the boxes in the leftmost column and clicking the “Delete Dataset(s)” button.


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