Emergency Management Degree In CSU Online

Emergency Management Degree

I’m an instructor for the fire emergency services administration degree at Colorado State University. I’ve been the fire service for 31 years, as a fire fighter, fire officer, chief officer, as an instructor, and as a teacher, and as an educator. What I really love about the fire service is that it gives me the opportunity to explore and challenge myself in many different areas. A bachelor’s degree in fire and emergency service administration is very important for a fire fighter who is looking for a promotion in his their fire service career or they’re looking for an entry-level fire fighter.

Many fire fighters want to get into leadership and supervision positions as company officers, lieutenants and captains and as district officers, as battalion chiefs and possibly as deputy chiefs and department chief officers. You need to have a bachelor’s degree for that. You need to have this specialization as well as this broad knowledge base that the fire and emergency administration service degree provides and that education component prepares you for the future. It prepares you for things you may not even see yet. It prepares you for things you may or may not even desire yet. But it puts you in a proactive position to promote to captain, battalion chief, and chief officer. It puts you in a proactive position to go to the executive fire officer program.

Bachelor Degrees Required

They have bachelor degrees required for that. Courses in the fire emergency services administration degree are a challenge and you want a degree like the FESA degree that challenges you and creates those abilities as you go through. It teaches you greater concept. It teaches you things in and outside the profession. It teaches you theories. Where training teaches you how to swing that axe, how to stretch that holes line, how to engage in this emergency scene, the education component teaches you why. It helps me to see a bigger picture; it helps me to more effective in my communications, therefore a greater ability to influence. It gives them the knowledge base for budgeting, strategic planning, or human resources, or fire services leadership, emergency management and the ability to think critically but in a fast and quick manner.


Throughout the program and all the courses do case studies, we do the analysis. We bring in the practical knowledge and the foundation we’ve gained through many decades of experienced instructors and as practitioners in the fire service to question to challenge the students to gain additional knowledge from the other students as well as the instructors. We challenge the students every step of the way. Colorado State University is a university name that you would want on your diploma. It’s a name that’s appreciated and recognized nationally and internationally. What’s important is to not limit you and create opportunities through education, and that’s what the degree through Colorado State University does.


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