Learning Graphic Design Online and Free Courses

Online Graphic Design

So many of you know that when I was getting started when I was about 13 years old, this is like 19 years ago, the internet was a very different place. There was no such thing as YouTube. There was no such thing as Google. I wanted to learn the skills that I was trying to learn, if you wanted web design and coding, if you wanted to learn photography, if you wanted to learn graphic design, there weren’t a lot of options in terms of how you could do that and it was really hard and really frustrating. Today we have a ton of options but even this YouTube channel where I’ve helped so may you create awesome things and share them with the world, it’s not perfect. It has its flaws. One of the biggest flaws that have frustrated me the most with this platform is that it hasn’t given me the ability to really create structure around a lesson and help you guys in that particular way. I’d have to do like an hour, two-hour long lecture video in order to accomplish that and that’s something that I really don’t necessarily think the far majority of you are interested in getting from me.

Skill Share

So that’s why I’m going to be creating free courses using our sponsor today, Skill share. Skill share is an online learning platform where you can pretty much learn anything in terms of an actionable skill. This is something that’s perfect if you want to learn Photoshop or photo editing principles and basics or you can even go through something extremely practical like my good friend Shawn Barry, another graphic designer here on YouTube. Definitely, check out his channel. He’s done a design boot camp and he has some other courses that are going to be coming out soon. I plan to do some free entry-level courses.

I want to give you guys an opportunity that I didn’t necessarily have with like a great structured lesson plan that’s totally actionable that can help you build the beginnings of what you need in order to start a career in the creative industry, whether it’s design or any of the other skills that I’ve acquired over the years. While they’re a ton of online learning options and I definitely think you should explore the one that you think fits you the best, the thing about Skill share is there are a lot of free courses on the platform and you can go ahead and you can learn whatever you want for three months at 99 cents a month. That is a fantastic deal. So you’ll want to definitely click on the link for Skill share in the description below. There are little gaps in my knowledge in certain things and there are techniques that I want to learn or see from other people so I use the platform to study up or to refresh myself on something that I might be finding challenging like Adobe After Effects.

Motion Graphics

I want to do a lot more with motion graphics and bring higher video production and editing values to the YouTube channel. So learning more about filmmaking techniques from people in Skill share, learning more about after effects and what I can do with motion graphics and animation. Those are skills that I’m learning using the platform and like I said, it’s super affordable. But I’m really excited about doing these free courses. You guys know that I have a passion not only for being creative and doing my own projects but for teaching other people and giving them the opportunity. That’s something that I love doing and it’s the great thing that’s been part of my YouTube journey with you guys but I want to take some of those things to the next level.

Free Content

You’ll always get free content here on the YouTube channel but I also want to start doing these courses so I can do structured content that will really help the far majority of you who are looking for that kind of solution. So I’ve got a poll running as far as like my first couple of free classes so make sure you’re voting there and you guys will kind of get to decide a little bit, what my free classes on Skill share might look like especially early on. So let me know what you’re looking for me in the comment section and also use the poll up here to vote. I want to thank our friends over at Skill share for putting me on their great online learning platform. I really think that what they do is amazing and affordable for the far majority of people. There are some people that just cannot afford to go to college. I worked my way through college and that was really rough and not everybody is going to be in a position to do that. Some people are getting hugely into student loan debt and is crippling them when they get started in their adult life, and so I think that if you want actual skills that this is a great alternative for you or if you’re already in college, maybe it can build on what you’re learning right now or what you’ve already learned before.


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