Online Program for Master Of Science In Information Management

Information Management

The MSIM degree, the Master of Science and information management is, it’s a degree for the 21st century. Digital data, digital tools have just made new worlds possible. The School of Information Sciences is one of the top-ranked information schools in the country. Every organization on the planet information and it needs to be managed. This degree is intended to teach people how to handle data and information, how to organize it, how to help people access it, and how to analyze it. We were very early innovators and adopters in online education.

By online program, we mean a whole online experience. When you’re taking an online course with us, it should be as high quality, as high touch as if you were sitting in the room with me, discussing ideas, working on projects together. There’s a huge variety of people, people’s backgrounds, ages, and where they are. It seemed to be more people who are currently working. That offered a different perspective. Being able to learn, collaborate, and work online is itself a 21st-century skill. I wanted to do something that was a little bit of data curation, a little bit of computer science, a little bit of analytics. They offered a lot of flexibility. At the core, everything that we do is the student-centric and human-centric focus. They want to see you do well. One of the things that they stress here is trying to make a connection to you as a person.

Although we’re interested in technologies and their uses, our fundamental, primary interest is in the people using them. Big data needs a big picture. You’ve got to understand what it all means you can do something useful with it. We’re not producing solutions merely to tinker with things, but actually to look at the world and determine how we can make it a better place. It’s a very exciting area. There are actually named professions. There’s also a whole load of new professions being developed. I’ve seen a lot of people go on to do great things. I know that that’s because of the education we received here. There’s no better place to prepare for the information workplace. We make sure that you’re prepared to be part of creating the future and that’s why I came here, and I hope that’s why you come here.

Breaking Reputation Management

In this era of reviewing businesses online, it’s easier than ever for customers to influence your company’s reputation. That’s why we’re breaking reputation management down to basics. So you know exactly what it takes to build and shape the way people see your business online.

  1. Establish your digital presence. Make sure your brand is on every major social media platform and review website. Why? Because that’s where the people are! And you should be there too.
  2. Monitor what people are saying about your company. Stay in the loop so you can get a pulse on customer satisfaction and respond to reviews quickly.
  3. Become a part of these conversations. Responding transparently to both positive and negative reviews online builds relationships with customers and lets they know that they’re being heard.
  4. Turn negative reviews into opportunities to show your excellent customer service. That means apologizing, taking the necessary steps to fix the situation, and leaving your contact info so you can take the conversation offline. If managing your reputation seems overwhelming, don’t worry.

Our Reputation Manager keeps track of every conversation happening about your business online and lets you easily respond in one place, saving you time and keeping your business looking its best online.


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